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AmazonSort Terms


This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is the official written public offer of the Developer addressed to an indefinite circle of users - the users of the browser extension "AmazonSort" (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties", individually as the "Party").

Use of the browser extension "AmazonSort" is allowed only on the terms of this Agreement.

If the User does not accept the Agreement in full, the User does not have the right to use the browser extension "AmazonSort" and must stop using (including the installation process) the browser extension "AmazonSort".

Using the browser extension "AmazonSort" with violation (failure to comply) of any of the terms of this Agreement is prohibited.

Terms used in this Agreement:

Landing– a website located on the Internet at, on which is available for installation of the browser extension "AmazonSort".

Website, Site– a system of electronic documents (data files and code) of a private person or organization in a computer network under a common address (domain name or IP address).

AmazonSort, a browser extension– is a browser extension available to the User for installation on the Device at (it does not exclude the installation of the AmazonSort browser extension from Landing, or any other Web sites that provide The possibility of installing the browser extension "AmazonSort" on the User's Device). If the User does not have access to the Site (s), including but not exclusively, for reasons of blocking the latter by Internet providers, AmazonSort redirects the User to the mirror version of the Site.

The device— is a personal computer (including, but not exclusively, a stationary computer, laptop, netbook, desktop), smartphone, tablet computer or server equipment of the User.

The developer– is a natural or legal person who developed Landing and the browser extension "AmazonSort", which placed it on the Internet (including but not exclusively in the Google Chrome Store), and provides it for free use of the User under the terms of this Agreement.

User– is a legal entity or an individual who has accepted the acceptance of the Agreement in accordance with its terms for the use of the AmazonSort browser extension.

Active User Action– is the result of the User's behavior using the browser extension "AmazonSort" on his Device, which consists in installing a browser extension or a single or systematic migration to mirror copies of Sites using AmazonSort.

Website Mirror, Mirror Site, Mirror Site, Mirror Site– an exact copy (more than 80 percent of coincidences) of data of one server on the other. On the Internet, the Mirror of the Site is the exact or approximate copy of another site.

Terms may be used in the Agreement that are not defined in this section of the Agreement. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is made in accordance with the text of the Agreement.

In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the Agreement, it is first of all necessary to apply to the consulting company LAWBOOT LLC Lawyers & Consultants ( using the contacts specified in paragraph 5.8. To obtain the necessary information regarding the interpretation of the term, secondly, to be guided by the interpretation of the term - defined on the Site, in the third place - on the Internet.

1. Acceptance of the Agreement

  • 1.1. This Agreement will come into force on May 19, 2015.

  • 1.1.1. For "existing" Users (Users who installed "AmazonSort" on their Device), this Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of the implementation of the Active User Action.

  • 1.1.2. For "new" Users (Users who have not yet installed AmazonSort on their Device), this Agreement takes effect from the moment you click "Agree / Install / Next or Add" when installing "AmazonSort" on your Device.

  • 1.2. This Agreement is valid during the entire period of operation of the browser extension "AmazonSort" by the User.

  • 1.3. By pressing the "Agree / Install / Next or Add" button, the User confirms that he has reached the age of majority, has sufficient capacity and legal capacity in accordance with the legislation of his state, and also undertakes not to allow the use of the browser extension of AmazonSort by minors, incapable, incompetent (Including those who are limitedly capable) and is personally responsible for allowing such people to use the browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 1.4. By clicking the "Agree / Install / Next or Add" button, the User confirms that he is notified and agrees that this Agreement can be changed by the Developer at any time.

  • 1.5. The fact that the "Agree / Install / Next or Add" button is pressed confirms that the User understands all his rights and obligations in full, and he unconditionally accepts the terms of this Agreement.

  • 1.6. By clicking the "Agree / Install / Next or Add" button, the User agrees that AmazonSort will redirect the Site to their Mirror Copies when the User visits certain Websites (for example, blocked).

  • 1.7. Acceptance of the terms of the Agreement is equivalent to concluding a two-sided written User Agreement between the Developer and the User.

2. Rights and Obligations of the parties

  • 2.1.User:

  • 2.1.1. Is obliged to familiarize with the Developer's information, Developer's privacy conditions and this Agreement before installing the browser extension "AmazonSort"

  • 2.1.2. It is obliged to use the browser extension "AmazonSort" for personal non-commercial purposes.

  • 2.1.3. It does not have the right to make changes to the work of the browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 2.1.4. It does not have the right to offer services related to the use of the browser extension "AmazonSort" to other users in order to make profit.

  • 2.1.5. It does not have the right to perform actions aimed at violating the normal functioning of the AmazonSort browser extension, and to use special programs containing malicious components ("viruses").

  • 2.1.6. Must stop using (including the installation process) the browser extension "AmazonSort" and remove it from its Device if the User does not accept the Agreement in full.

  • 2.1.7. Can distribute by any means browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 2.1.8. Has the right to carry out the above actions at its own risk

  • 2.2.Developer:

  • 2.2.1. May at any time make changes to the functionality of the browser extension "AmazonSort", the interface and / or the content of the browser extension "AmazonSort" with or without notice to Users.

  • 2.2.2. It is up to you to choose which Sites to forward the User to Mirror Copies, and from which to not redirect.

  • 2.2.3. It is right to change the appearance of Mirror Sites of Sites, including but not exclusively, add graphical objects and external links visible only to the User, advertising of the browser extension "AmazonSort", etc.

  • 2.2.4. Is obliged to provide technical support for the browser extension of "AmazonSort" and provide an easy way to contact users for all the "AmazonSort" browser extensions that arise during the use of the browser.

  • 2.2.5. Has the right, when using the User's browser extension "AmazonSort", to add advertising to the Site.

  • 2.2.6. Has the right, if the User uses the browser extension "AmazonSort" to redirect it to another site, in the absence of last access to the Site.

  • 2.2.7. Has the right, when using the User's browser extension "AmazonSort", to replace, edit, delete, replace cookies, or perform any other actions in the Internet browser of the User, change the standard appearance of websites in the Internet browser of the User, add multifunction buttons with built-in They refer to third-party websites.

  • 2.2.8. Has the right, when using the User's browser extension "AmazonSort", to collect personal and non-personal information about the User, including but not exclusively for the purpose of optimizing the work of browser extension, display and analysis of advertising, improving the User's security and protection, and other purposes.

  • Personal information is information on which you can identify the identity of the User.

  • Information of an impersonal nature is data not tied to a particular person.

  • For example, a browser extension can collect data about the user's name, location and date of birth, phone number, mail and email address, User's visited websites, User's geolocation, or any other necessary information. {Services such as Facebook, Google collect similar information about their users}

  • The developer can exchange non-personal information with third-party partners and clients.

  • The developer will not disclose personal information to third parties, nor will he collect and store information about the User's passwords and bank accounts.

3. Personal Information

  • 3.1. The User agrees to the processing by the Developer of the User's personal data specified in the Registration, including: name, e-mail address, contact phone number, payment details, technical data that are automatically transmitted by the device through which the Site is used, including technical specifications device and software used, information stored in cookies (small data files that were sent to the device from visited sites), information ns about the browser, date and time of access to the Site.

  • 3.1.1. This consent is valid for a period of time, the period of storage of the User's personal data is unlimited.

  • 3.2. The user has the right to withdraw his consent by sending an email to the Developer at

  • 3.3. The user has the ability to control the browser settings to block or delete cookies by checking the browser settings of his device. Instructions for blocking or deleting cookies can be found in the browser's help documentation.

  • 3.4. The User understands and agrees that as a result of a malfunction, technical malfunctions, actions of third parties, including (but not limited to) a virus or hacker attack, the User's data posted on the Service may be made available to third parties. The User undertakes not to present claims to the Developer for compensation of losses (damage) arising in connection therewith.

  • 3.5. The user agrees to:

  • 3.5.1. Storage of personal data on the Developer's server.

  • 3.5.2. Use of personal and statistical data to display advertisements.

  • 3.5.3. Send messages of information-advertising nature, information about services, Developer's news to e-mail and (or) through browser push notifications and mobile Push-notifications.

  • 3.6. The developer processes only the User data required for the implementation of this Agreement.

4. Warranties and Liability

  • 4.1. The User acknowledges and agrees that the browser extension "AmazonSort" is provided "as is", without any guarantees, either direct or indirect.

  • 4.2. The developer does not provide guarantees regarding the consequences of using the browser extension "AmazonSort", the interaction of the browser extension "AmazonSort" with other software.

  • 4.3. The developer is not responsible for the smooth operation of the browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 4.4. The developer is not responsible for the content of the Mirror Copy of the Site to which the User redirects using the browser extension.

  • 4.5. It is the responsibility of the Developer not to control the legality or illegality of information transmitted to the User, to determine the ownership and legitimacy of the transfer, reception or use of information.

  • 4.6. The developer does not provide guarantees that the browser extension "AmazonSort" can be suitable for specific use purposes. The User acknowledges and agrees that the result of using the browser extension "AmazonSort" may not meet the expectations of the User.

  • 4.7. The developer or other rights owners are in no case responsible for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage (including lost profits, damage caused by loss of data) caused by the use of the browser extension of AmazonSort or the inability to use it, including In the event of failure of the browser extension "AmazonSort" or other interruption in the use of the browser extension "AmazonSort", even if the Developer warned or pointed out the possibility of such damage.

  • 4.8. The user is solely responsible for his actions on using the browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 4.9. The user is solely responsible for observing the rights of third parties, applicable law, this Agreement, using the browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 4.10. For violations committed by the User, the Developer has the right to refuse to the User in the further provision of services or to restrict such provision in whole or in part with or without notice to the User.

  • 4.11. The Parties to the Agreement are exempted from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement, if such was a consequence of force majeure circumstances that arose after the entry into force of the Agreement, as a result of extraordinary events that could not be foreseen and prevented by reasonable measures.

5. Automatic update Browser extension "AmazonSort"

  • 5.1. The user agrees that periodically the browser extension "AmazonSort" can automatically install any updates (improvements, patches, extensions of the browser extension "AmazonSort") to the User Device, or make a request for installing updates.

  • 5.2. These updates can take the form of patches, additional modules or completely new versions of the browser extension "AmazonSort".

  • 5.3. The user is hereby notified and agrees with the automatic updating of the AmazonSort browser extension, including requesting, downloading and installing updates of the AmazonSort browser extension to the User Device without any additional notifications.

6. Final Provisions

  • 6.1. The User guarantees that all the terms of the Agreement are clear to him, and he accepts them unconditionally and in full.

  • 6.2. All applications of Users regarding the browser extension "AmazonSort", Developer accepts to the postal address:

  • 6.3. The developer undertakes to provide responses to the User's applications within six (6) months from the receipt of this application.

  • 6.4. All disputes that arise in connection with the implementation of this Agreement, including any questions concerning its existence, legality, interpretation, application or termination, must be resolved peacefully through peaceful negotiations.

  • 6.5. In the event that disputes are not resolved through negotiation, disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • 6.6. This Agreement is made in Russian and may be provided to the User for examination in another language. In the event of a discrepancy between the Russian version of the agreement and the version of the Agreement in a different language, the provisions of the Russian version of this Agreement shall apply.

  • 6.7. If, for one reason or another, one or more provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions.

  • 6.8. Any questions that arise from the Parties regarding the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement, first of all, should be resolved by contacting the consulting company LAWBOOT LLC, which compiled the text of this Agreement, using the following e-mail: